• This is the generic, reloadable, reusable prepaid debit card that allows direct single and multiple deposits, giving cardholders instant access to their funds.
  • Our prepaid cards have the added benefit of a linked mobile wallet
  • The PayCARD is the card we use in tailoring many of our solutions for our clients. For example, the generic PayCARD could be used for payrolls, petty cash, insurance payouts, benefit payments and microloan payments. It is also ideal for students, local business travelers, adhoc business expenses and contract workers.
  • This prepaid reloadable debit card does not require the cardholder to have a bank account and no credit check is required. In terms of the FICA requirements, all that is required is a copy of the cardholder’s South African identity document or passport.
  • By law, the maximum value limit on this card is R20,000 per month.