Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I find my PIN?
  • Your PIN is a Five-digit number that you should memorize and keep a secret. It is located on the card carrier and is visible when the card is removed. We will never ask you for your CARD PIN over the phone and we will never ask you to send us your PIN via SMS If you receive a telephone call or SMS from anyone that asks for your PIN, you should contact Customer Service immediately at 0861 114 093
  • Where can I use the card?
  • You can make a withdrawal at any ATM (Automated Teller Machine) and purchase goods or services at any retailer displaying the MasterCard logo within the South African monitory area.
  • Who do I call if I have a query?
  • Report Lost or Stolen cards to: 0861 11 51 96 or 0861 11 40 93
  • Please call Customer Service on 0861 114 093 to receive 24 hour automated assistance for the following services
    1. Card Balance = 1
    2. Stop a card = 2
    3. Reset your Card PIN = 3
      [Requires Card Number + ID + Reg mobile number. Sends code to mobile to be sent back to Tutuka with new 5-Digit PIN]
    OR contact PayDNA directly:
  • Is the money safe?
  • Yes. The money is held at Standard Bank and is not accessible by anyone apart from the cardholder and the Card PIN is mandatory for all transactions.
  • What if an employee loses the card?
  • In the event of lost card, a new card will be issued and the existing value of the lost or stolen card will be transferred to the new card.
  • What if suspect fraudulent activity by an employee on a Petty Cash card?
  • All transaction records are available and it will be easy for you to determine if there was fraudulent or unauthorized activity on the card. In the case of fraudulent activity, a normal legal process will be followed.
  • What is the minimum and maximum number of cards?
  • There is no restriction on the number of cards that can be issued. The general rule is One ID = One Card
  • Can I receive bulk discounts?
  • Bulk discounts are negotiated from 500 cards upwards.
  • Is there a minimum contract period?
  • There is no mandatory minimum contract period.
  • Can the card have a negative balance?
  • No, the balance on the card cannot be overdrawn.
  • If the amount of your purchase or cash withdrawal is more than the balance on the card, the transaction will be declined.
    All balance information and transaction activity is updated in real-time and available immediately.
  • What is the Minimum and Maximum that can be loaded to the card?
  • Minimum Load value is R100.00
  • Maximum anytime balance is R10,000.00
  • Maximum monthly throughput is R25,000.00
  • Transactional SMS messaging service.
  • To receive SMS notifications on Purchase/ATM transactions the customer must configure the mobile number to receive messages.
  • Login at to configure the SMS notification number.